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Manage your catalogs, personalize your communication and improve your ads.
All in one place.

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Recommendation over catalog description.


faster time to market thanks to automation and unified catalog management.


of conversions using customized on-brand



increase in average revenue by promoting automatically generated product sets.

Keep your catalog updated in all marketing platforms.

Keep your catalog updated in all marketing platforms

Integrate your catalog in multiple platforms with real time sync.
E-commerce product changes automatically reflected in your ads.
Simplify your catalog management and improve your go to market time. 
Integrated with leading marketing and e-commerce platforms.

Make designs for thousands of products in minutes

Use the products data from your catalog to create customized layouts.
Drive better results by showing attractive designs in your products.
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Automatically generate on-brand creatives and personalize your communication.
A design tool to scale your creatives with minimal effort.
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Make designs for thousands of products in minutes.

Generate incredible background for your products with AI

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Transform your product images with a few clicks.
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Save on photoshoots and make your products shine.
Remove existing backgrounds from your images and generate new ones with our AI-powered ideas or your own.
Use your images for catalog ads or export them to the Meta Library and use them for static ads.

Keep your catalog healthy with warnings and recommendations

Quality score analysis for each platform.
Quickly identify errors and troubleshoot your catalog.
Get recommendations to optimize your catalog.
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Keep your products compliant with approval policies.
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Keep your catalog healthy with warnings and recommendations.
Make better decisions with product metrics and insights.

Make better decisions with product metrics and insights

Learn how competitive your prices are comparing to other advertisers.
Access performance metrics from marketing platforms.
Analyze your product performance with margin and profitability data.
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Get product-level insights using your e-commerce conversion funnel data.

Promote the products that really matter

Scale your marketing results by showing top performing or high potential products.
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Create automated product sets using custom rules and cross-platform data.
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Easily exclude unprofitable products or those you don't want to promote.
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Cluster your products based on their attributes or performance to create customized dynamic ads.
Promote the products that really matter.
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Optimize your feed with AI for Google and Meta.

Ensure that all fields in your catalog are optimized for Google and Meta.
Automatically fill in empty fields in your catalog.
Improve the positioning of your ads on Google by following the best practices of marketing platforms.
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Make an impact with personalized creatives

Forget about repetitive tasks, streamline creative production, and replicate your designs across all your products.
"Thanks to Feedom, our product image improved in digital media, yielding very satisfactory results quickly."
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Karla López
E-commerce Coordinator

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