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Unlock the full potential of artificial intelligence with AI Credits!

AI features are now exclusive to the Pro plan and require the use of credits. Discover all the details.
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What are AI Credits and how are they used?

What are AI Credits?
AI Credits are credits assigned to your account that allow you to use artificial intelligence functionalities on our platform. This credit system is designed for you to consume and allocate credits to the most relevant features for your business.

Who can access the credits?
Only accounts with the Pro plan will receive 2500 credits per month. Accounts with the Standard plan don't have access to credits or AI functionalities.

How can I use the credits?
You can use the credits for features such as dynamic videos, custom images, and feed optimization. Each month, you are allocated 2500 credits. If you need more, you can contact your account executive to purchase additional credits based on your needs.

How many credits are assigned and how are they renewed?
If you have the Pro plan, you receive 2500 credits per month. These credits renew automatically each month and expire the day before the renewal. Note that credits don't roll over from one month to the next.

What happens if the credits run out?
If you need more credits, you can contact your account executive to purchase additional credits and continue using AI functionalities without interruptions.

Where can I see the available credits and my usage?
In the top right corner of the AI functionalities screens (dynamic videos, custom images, and feed optimization), you can see your available and consumed credits. Click on this indicator to get specific details about your credit usage for each functionality.

How much does it cost to perform operations with the credits?
The costs in credits are as follows:
  • 1 credit per dynamic video.
  • 1 credit per two custom images.
  • 1 credit to optimize one field in 50 products.
You can allocate your credits as you wish among these functionalities.

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